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Kitchen Scrubber

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Product description

Highly durable multipurpose scourer made from coconut fibres that have strong cleaning capacity whilst being gentle on non-stick and delicate surfaces. Suitable for kitchens or bathrooms.


  • Galvanised wire so it never rusts
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Coconut fibre from the husk of the coconut
  • Won't become greasy, great for hard to clean kitchen appliances and all pots and pans
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-scratch
  • Ethically handmade

Waste Credentials

The Eco Max Kitchen Range is environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and entirely handmade. They are produced utilising waste products and natural materials that can replace plastics in the kitchen. Using Fair Trade principles all of the components use natural unbleached materials, such as naturally antibacterial Coconut fibre and FSC certified timbers. Even the sealant used on the timber is a non-toxic sealer and the wire is galvanised so it will not rust. At the end of their life the Eco Max Kitchen Range can be put into your compost bin where they will breakdown naturally leaving only a piece of wire to throw out. All Eco Max Brushes are Plastic free, Vegan, Fair Trade and biodegradable.


Sri Lanka

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Kitchen Scrubber

$6.50 AUD