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  • Type: Reusables: Tea and Coffee

Reusable Coffee Pod Sticker Lids Espresso*

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Product description

Foil lids to fit your Nespresso compatible capsules for great pod coffee at home or work, with less waste. Best for brewing coffee with a deliciously thick crema.


  • Made from aluminium
  • Easy to use with reusable coffee pods
  • Food-grade adhesive
  • Able to be recycled by collecting in an aluminium can before adding to the yellow top bin

Waste Credentials

Waste from single-use disposable coffee pods is staggering, with billions being used and thrown away every year. Investing in a reusable alternative makes a big difference in your own waste creation as well as role modelling a better way for others!


Contains 100 Sticker Lids


Australian owned company

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Reusable Coffee Pod Sticker Lids Espresso*

$15.00 AUD
$12.00 AUD