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This is a handmade soap bar gently removes stains from clothing naturally. Great for sensitive skin and allergies as there are no detergents, scents, colours, bleaches, ammonia, phosphates or allergens. Suitable for handwashing at all temperatures. Can also be used as dish soap for cleaning cutlery and dishes, or for washing hands too, so perfect to take when travelling or camping.

Bars are a concentrated version of their liquid counterpart. Meaning that you are getting a comparable product, just without the added water and excessive packaging. This is great because it means that fewer resources are needed to manufacture, transport and sell the product as they take up less space.

Bars are super convenient when you are travelling! Liquid quantities are often limited when travelling via aeroplane and even when this is not an issue, it is often much preferred to take a little bar than having to lug around litres of a product when travelling for extended periods.


Made in Western Australia from local and imported ingredients


Coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (none remains in the final product), distilled water

Palm oil free. Vegan. Greywater safe. Nontoxic. No detergents, scents, colours or allergens.

Safety Information

For external use only.

How to use

Wet clothes, rub it on, leave to sit for 30 minutes and then wash as normal. You can lather in your hands and apply lather in a massaging action rather than rubbing clothing directly if preferred. Clothing care instruction to always be followed, always spot test if concerned.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and allow to dry fully between uses for best performance.

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