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Naturally Inspired is the perfect resource for those on a mission to live a natural life free from avoidable toxins. By replacing a few store-bought products with DIY alternatives, not only will you improve your overall health and wellbeing, but you will also save money and reduce waste. With her gentle and realistic approach, Krissy Ballinger will help you reduce your bodies toxic burden with recipes for common day-to-day essentials like deodorant, sunscreen, magnesium oil, dishwasher tablets, cleaning sprays and much more. It is easy to be inspired by the simplicity of the recipes and the stunning photography, along with the inclusion of thermal appliance methods and seemingly endless ideas on how to use essential oils. Natural DIY has never been so easy and rewarding.


  • Western Australian author
  • Many of the ingredients mentioned are available at Wasteless Pantry stores
  • Recipes are simple to follow
  • Tried and tested

Waste Credentials

Making your own products with ingredients bought in your own containers avoids packaging waste. Most beauty and personal hygiene products are excessively packaged with materials that are not recyclable in your kerbside recycling bin, ending up in a landfill.


375-page book, with over 125 recipes


Western Australian author
Krissy Ballinger

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Complete DIY recipes, Taste of … Body Care, Taste of … Cleaning


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