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  • Type: Reusables: Self Care

Menstrual Wet Bag

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Product description

Great for transporting spare menstrual pads, menstrual cup or underwear ready to use, or used products home to wash without fear of leakage in this waterproof bag. Choose between a mini or regular to suit your needs and simply pop in the washing machine and line dry as needed.

Could be used for transporting cloth nappies, toiletries or even wet swimming gear too!


  • PUL fabric backing for waterproofing
  • Zip closure to secure whilst being transported
  • Convenient to use and to clean
  • Machine washable (cold wash only), no soaking required
  • Line dries quickly (do not put in dryer)

Waste Credentials

Able to be reused for many years to reduce sanitary waste ending up in a landfill. Aids in reducing the disposal of approximately 300 tampons and pads per year, and over 10,000 in a lifetime. PUL fabric will need to be sent to landfill at the end of its very productive and useful life.


REGULAR: 17cm x 20cm

MINI: 10cm x 15cm



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Menstrual Wet Bag